A Western New York Easter Carol

Sung to the tune of “White Christmas”


I’m Dreaming of the first Snowdrops,

This Winter’s been so long you know.

Where the daffodils are bloomin’

and Winter no longer’s loomin’

I fear, we’ll never see the end of snow

Thanks a lot Mr Snowplow

I’m  dreaming of warmer weather,

My garden I’m longing to sow.

With carrots, beans and parsnips,

and pretty marigolds in a row.

Winter Azaleas

I’m dreaming of a Green Easter,

and all we’re getting now is snow

You may have your Poinsettia

Tulips or lilies would be betta’

Oh, I forgot, I hate to mow!

                                                                                                                      Jim Neal



Randolph Cardinals win 3rd consecutive State Title: Now need WNY’s help!

The Randolph Cardinals made Western New York history, a little over a week ago, by becoming the first Buffalo-area football team, in any classification, to win three consecutive State Championships.  With this most recent win, this Class D team, from 371660 football scull 07section VI of the NYSPHSAA brings their total number of State Titles to 5 in the last 9 years.  This win has also catapulted them into the national spotlight.

The Randolph Cardinals have been chosen to take part in a poll conducted by the USA Today HSS, for “Best Football Program”.  They have done extremely well in the 1st and 2nd rounds by winning both brackets.  This local team has made it to the final round!  It is wonderful that fellow WNYers are receiving this kind of recognition.  My observations, as I have been following the poll rather closely, is that although the community of Randolph seems to have pulled together to vote, this next round is going to be a challenge.  The problem, as I see it, is that Randolph being such a small community, is facing some cities that have much higher populations than this small town and higher populations usually means a larger voting base.

randolphNY (1)As Randolph is representing Section VI football, which covers most of Western New York and the Buffalo area, I think it would be really cool if Western New York pulled together to vote for this team.  Western New York has seen many bright spots in the last several years and I think that this could be one more.  What do you say Western New York, good idea?

If you are interested in voting for the Cardinals, a Facebook Page has been set up at:


Links to the poll can be found on that page and It might also be cool if we wrote them a comment or two telling them what town we are voting from to show that Western New York has their back! #ILoveWNY


Her Final Sunset

My grandmother, Anna Victoria Neal, (we called her Mima) passed away in the evening on November 5, 2014.  It has been just over a week since.  Today I realized that I had taken some pretty sunset photos that same day, before I had found out that she had passed.  In her memory, I would like to share them with you.

Her Final Sunset

As the day draws to a close,

your beauty emanates as your altitude fades.

I focus not on the darkness that will come,

but am reminded,

that light will return, in a Day that has no end.

                                                                                         ~James Henry Neal





Dueling Sunsets



DWTS, Sadie Robertson, Up and Elephants?

The judges on Dancing with the Stars got it wrong this week!  Mark Ballas and Sadie Robertson performed a waltz in the characters of Carl and Ellie Fredricksen, from Disney Pixar’s Up, for “movie week”.  The dance was fCarl and Ellieun, told the story in a short period of time, was perfectly performed, (to my untrained eye) and received 8’s across the board.  What?  If any of the dances in Week 3 deserved perfect 10’s, this was it!  Then again, I may be biased, Up is my favorite movie.

Up was the first movie that we took our daughter to see in a movie theater.  I have to admit, that we picked it because it was the only “kids” movie playing in the local theater and I really had no idea what it was about.  I remember the sequence at the beginning of the movie, when they fell in love, built huge dreams together, grew old together and then, POOF, Ellie was gone before any of their dreams had come to fruition.  I’m glad the theater was dark.  I came for what I thought was going to be a cute kids movie, and then BAM, within the first ten minutes, my biggest fear was being played out right on the screen by animated characters.  Those feelings came back as I watched Sadie and Mark dancing on Monday night.

I don’t think that I am alone.  We all create and fashion dreams as big as elephants, and that is a good feeling, but then we realize that elephants can run a lot faster than you would think, especially when being pursued.

From the moment you create your “elephant”, it takes off running in the other direction.  The first thing you need to do is move towards it.  This is where most of these animals get away and disappear over the horizon.  We doubt our preparedness and our capabilities and do not even give it a go.  Take the first step, whether you are ready or not, it will be worth it.

Once you move toward your dream, get it to stop running.  If you chase after the elephant in a passionate, yet haphazard manor, you will run out of stamina and he will keep moving farther away.  Be passionate, but have a plan. Thinking about the moment you catch him is not enough, but this is where most peoples passions lie.  Be passionate about the plan, focus each step, and make sure everything that you do moves you closer to him.  I have met a lot of people that work very hard to obtain their goals, but never move forward.  This is because their work is not harnessed into the constraints of a plan, so what they actually do is a lot of “busy-work” that has little effect in moving them closer to their goal.  Insert cliche here:


Have you ever noticed that elephants, as big as they are, are always seen in herds?  Do you know why that is?  Protection.  Take a hint and get your own “herd”,  create a true Mastermind Alliance.  Surround yourself with people that are intent on helping your reach your goals, and in return, be as passionate to helping them achieve theirs. When you get to a point in your plan that doesn’t make sense or you can’t figure it out, bounce it off your Mastermind.  It is amazing, when two or more minds come together for one purpose, the solutions that it produces.  No matter how great we see ourselves, each of us has weaknesses and faults, a mastermind alliance can help you strengthen those areas, so you can focus on your individual assets in which you excel, propelling you towards your goal.

Lastly, and most importantly, when your are in your struggle to catch that elephant, remember you are on an adventure and enjoy it.  Very few people realize that it is not the dream that gives our lives meaning, it is the journey we take to get to there.  When you realize this, that elephant will stop in it’s tracks, turn around and will walk over to you, gently.

To your online success,

Jim Neal


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To Your Online Success,

Jim Neal


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Life’s Diploma



Very recently, I needed to make a photo copy of the most expensive piece of paper that I own. My family and I moved into our new house a little over a year ago and, because of the rarity in its use, it remained in one of those un-packed boxes, left over after the move.  You know the ones, the “I am so sick of unpacking, we will just store this one”€ boxes.  The piece of paper I needed was my College diploma.  In the search, I made an unexpected discovery.

As I was looking, I found a little piece of paper that had little, tiny ink footprints on it that belonged to my daughter; they were marked minutes after she was born.  A little more searching, I found a completion certificate from the Pre-Cana course my wife and I took before we were married.  After a few more papers, I found a picture of my Father and I working on my 1966 Mustang, prior to my sixteenth birthday.  A little more digging and I saw an old business card of mine, from a mortgage company that I previously worked for; It closed its doors, on a payday!  I found a Mass card from the funeral of my cousin, who was only a few years older than I.  I found a “€œThank you but we hired someone more qualified”€ letter from a company that I had applied with.  An old receipt from a scrap yard reminded me of when my daughter and I used to go “€œscrapping”€ every Saturday for a little extra cash.  I found a certificate stating that I had earned my varsity letter for wrestling, in the eighth grade.   An owner’€™s manual for one of my wife’€™s wheelchairs was mixed in with the rest of the papers.

This list only included a few of the papers that I found before I located my diploma, but what I realized is that each paper in that box represented either a defeat or a triumph, but all represented a learning experience.  All of those papers combined would not be as expensive as the diploma, but I believe they are much more valuable, and not just in sentimental terms.  That day I realized what Jim Rohn meant, when he said “€œFormal education will make you a living; Self-education will make you a fortune”.€

Each day we have little opportunities to learn and grow.  By no means am I saying that I am not thankful for my opportunity to attend college.  What I am saying is that facts and figures are important, but when circumstances throughout our lives, no matter how small, force us to make decisions and when we truly analyze the outcome of those decisions we earn Life’€™s Diploma.