Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to start a brick-and-mortar business or making a career in MLM or direct sales, knowing how to present your business to prospects is essential. From a pithy “elevator pitch” to a full-blown sales presentation, here are some tips that will help you perfect your pitch: 

  • Watch yourself – What do you look like when you’re presenting? As silly as it might feel, take the time to do your presentation to yourself in the mirror, or record yourself and then watch the footage. How can you improve your story? Where can you tighten it, and what merits expansion? Also, what quirks do you notice that should be smoothed out? Watch for a plethora of “uh” and “um” that can indicate nervousness.
  • Tackle the timing – Timing is everything, especially when presenting information. Set a timer and then see how long it takes you to get through your story. Are you spending too much time on background but not giving time for the benefits and other critical components? Practice is the only way to prevent this and get it just right.
  • Anticipate the Q&A – Try to think like your audience. What are their concerns? What are the problems your product or service can solve? How much of a priority is it? Get specific. By thinking through both what they will ask and how you can answer, you’ll be able to curb the chances of being caught off guard while drafting and tightening your answers to be firm and decisive.
  • Dress for the occasion – A professional appearance can go a long way in tipping the opinion of a fence-sitter. All of those little things matter for first appearances, so dress cleanly and appropriately, smile, stand up straight, be polite and punctual, and so on. You never get to make a first impression twice, so make the most of the opportunity.



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