Consult Like a Champion

Not all direct sales consultants are created equal. Are there certain peers and mentors (or competitors) who stand out from the fray? What is it that makes you (or his/her customers) willing to host parties over and over? Why do clients choose to buy from one consultant over another, especially if they’re in a region saturated by sellers? Specifics might vary from company to company or consultant, but here are some qualities that tend to attract customers: 

  • Know your stuff – Just as how you would expect a mechanic to know everything about cars or an optometrist to have an encyclopedic knowledge about eyes, your customers will expect – not hope but expect – that you know your product inside and out. Take the time to get to know your product, from testing samples to researching the competition and market. If a customer asks something you can’t answer, promise to do the research for them, and then get back to them with the answer promptly. “He who hesitates is lost” – and in this case, it’s their sale you’ll be losing along with their confidence.
  • Mean what you say – There’s no underestimating the value of honesty, reliability and enthusiasm in the MLM/direct sales world. To your customers, you are the product – the two go hand in hand. Success lies in believing in what you’re selling, making that truth resonate with customers and contacts, and carrying through on commitments. As you develop a solid reputation and proven track record, your customers will be able to have confidence in you AND your product.
  • Be organized – Solid organizational and time management skills are mandatory for anyone who’s self-employed – especially in the MLM and direct sales industries. When you’re organized, you can be more efficient and effective. Be punctual as well. It helps you appear professional and polished to customers. If you struggle to be organized or on time, invest in yourself with a time-management or organization skills course. Seemingly small signs of professionalism and polish are critical, and they pay off dividends in the end as your customers trust you as someone who has it together.

By practicing and perfecting these traits, you’ll not only see your business thrive, but you’ll benefit from strengthened character – after all, who doesn’t love someone who’s honest and on the ball? You’ll earn clients’ love and trust, two components that are critical to the referrals that will help your business grow.


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