Breaking Down Barriers

If you’re in direct sales, chances are you’ve received skeptic responses from friends or family upon starting your home-based business. Starting any business will have its challenges, but how can you respond to the naysayers and forge ahead to make your MLM or direct sales venture a success? Here are a few common challenges and how to respond positively: 

  • “Why are you selling THAT?” – Haters gonna hate, as the saying goes. What matters is that you know why your product or solution works. You made an informed decision to join the ranks of its sales force, after all. Make an “elevator pitch” – the rundown on your product, market, and why you believe in it enough to make it your career in 15-30 seconds (the amount of time you’d have with someone in an elevator). Be sure to avoid emotional sales pitches, sticking instead in its facts and benefits. Practice it until you can prattle it off naturally and sincerely, letting your enthusiasm and passion shine through.
  • “You can’t actually make a living selling XYZ, can you?” – Most MLM companies now prohibit the “get rich quick!” messaging of old  – which is just as well, since that labeling gave the industry a bad name. But does that mean you can’t make a living in it? Absolutely not! Direct sales takes a lot of hard work and drive, but there are hundreds if not thousands of representatives out there in direct sales and MLM companies who make full-time pay (and more) through selling products and recruiting team members. Chances are they’re a lot like you – willing to take the initiative and take on a job filled with flexibility and possibilities.
  • “Is that a sustainable business model?” – It’s no secret that growing a direct sales business requires a lot of work. However, if you make a plan and stick with it, devoting mapped-out portions of your day or week to the various aspects of running a business (finances, marketing, etc. besides straight selling), you should see your business grow quickly. Remember to reinvest the immediate cash flow from products into supplies, ads, and, eventually, recruiting and additional team members. These will all serve to broaden your cash flow from beyond sales revenue – and your net income will increase, too.

Starting any business has its obstacles to challenge, but in the MLM industry, you’re in good company. Focus on the solution to face those challenges, combating them with confidence and knowledge, and you’ll find success in the long run.


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