Launches Sept 1st…Are you positioned for Blast off?

Launching Sept 1st…Are you positioned?

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Why is Social Media Marketing so important to Small business?

The Opportunity

Leads are the Lifeblood of Any Business

As we look at what drives business growth and success, a critical element is the constant flow of leads and new opportunities. Traditional prospecting tools have been around for years, however, historically generate low response or in many cases no response. For example, direct mail can be expensive and response rates low. Cold calling rarely generates positive results worth pursuing. Email blasts often get tagged as spam or are seen by the receiver as spam. These traditional methods of prospecting have little potential of ever reaching your entire target market opportunity.

The New World of Social Media

With the advent of social media, Internet marketing, and smart phones, we can now cast a broader net and reach far beyond traditional marketing efforts into new areas and contacts that choose to opt-in to follow you and learn from you. Social media networks are a low to no cost, high return vehicle for small businesses and agents to build business. Different than buying a list of names for a one-time direct mail campaign, social marketing allows you to communicate your offers and promotions to thousands of contacts every single day, adding to your list of followers and believers.

Research Shows Social Media Can Increase Sales

The impact of social marketing on sales has been validated with extensive research confirming that company sales with the highest levels of social media can increases sales on an average of +18%. On the contrary, company sales with least social activity drop on average of -6%. Bottom line here is, if you’re not communicating, your losing revenue and customers.

How Do I Make This Work for Me?

Unfortunately, when it comes down to making social media work, most companies and direct sellers are lost and not sure where to turn. Many are unsure what networks to join or who to invite. They’re not sure what to write or post and run out of things to say. They’re afraid of what it might cost and have little time to give to the effort. SocialZing answers these questions and puts the power and control in back in the hands of the marketer.

All in One, Social Marketing Solution

SocialZing is the ultimate, all-in-one, social marketing system. SocialZing is much more than the single point applications that deliver only a facebook page template system or only a social post system. SocialZing is a fully integrated suite of five applications that synergistically work together to help you prospect and convert new business. SocialZing provides a unique system to help grow your network and connect with qualified people. SocialZing takes the mystery out of social marketing and delivers an easy-to-use, automated approach that even simple users can understand.

With SocialZing you will…

  • Schedule posts and blogs to all of your social profiles at once
  • Create professional Facebook promo page’s in minutes for impressive lead capture
  • Create polished lead capture sites in minutes for attracting prospects
  • Deliver meaningful presentations anytime, anywhere with online meetings
  • Manage and cultivate new leads with automated email campaigns

SocialZing has become one of the most impressive, full service, social marketing systems EVER!

Fantastic Opportunity for All

Our goal is to empower you as a distributor of SocialZing to be a successful social marketing expert on twitter, facebook, and other social networks. And to empower the small business market, to expand their reach and help grow business.

Best of all, you can sell SocialZing as an independent distributor, or use SocialZing to assist in the growth and sales of other products and opportunities your might represent. SocialZing knows no boundaries either. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, what gender you are, or what markets you service. SocialZing can help anyone who sells a product or service.

Don’t get left behind. Begin achieving improved results today by enjoying and sharing SocialZing with others.


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