The Period: Ending Sentences, but beginning Tweets!

When scrolling through your twitter feed, have you ever noticed people starting their @mention tweets with a period? No, it is not a typo, but a little-known Twitter trick, that helps that tweet have more reach and a greater impact.

When you start a Tweet with an @ symbol, Twitter recognizes that tweet as conversational. Therefore, that tweet will only appear in your timeline, the timeline of the person you are mentioning and the timelines of the followers that happen to follow both you and the mentioned individual.

When you start your tweet with any other character besides the @, the tweet shows up in the timelines of all your followers, regardless of whether they follow the mentioned individual or not.  The period is usually used for this purpose, because it is small and does not detract from the message of your tweet.

This Twitter trick is very useful for businesses, especially when they are responding to a customer about a customer service issue.

Most consumers,consider a company’s post-purchase track record, before they decide to buy. What better way to show them what

your CS department is made of than letting them see an interaction with a customer on Twitter, in Real-time? Very powerful!

Have fun adding this trick to your tweets and as always if you would like to add something or have a question, please feel free to leave a comment below

To your online success

Jim Neal


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