My Home

This is a Poem written by my Great Great Grandfather, from his home in Coleraine Ireland, in January of 1909. Notice he makes mention of Jimmie and Harry in Yankeeland, Harry was my Great Grandfather.

My Home

Yes, this is my story now put afore ye-

In the light lilting strain called a roun’€™

Of my home on the highland in the dear little island

That slopes to the fast flowing Bann.

With sunlight all rosy, the house is so cozy

And comforts on every han’

I’€™m sure if ye all come, we’€™ll make ye quite welcome

Every colleen and wan of the clan

An’€™ so if ye listen, not one of us is missing

I’€™ll tell ye how matters now stan’€™

Father ill or else scheming, rain regretting vain dreaming

Mother house-keeps as only she can.

Then Eddie’€™s in Kerry and Mary in Bury

An’€™ Jack still in Derry with Dan.

While Jimmie and Harry in Yankeeland tarry

An Frank’s in the bank at Strabane

Young Eileen and Bridie both useful and tidy

Are learning at school the pian’€™

Oh and such hard, hard studies

Lord help them poor bodies

They’€™re doing as well as they can

Then there’s Dick the Canary

Ren the terrier so airy

Oh so cross and contrary €œ”wee man”

This then is the photo, you’€™ll know it when you go to

My home on the Banks of the Bann

Ah! River fast flowing Oh! Life fleetily going

To join an eternity span

May God guard the brothers and sisters and others

Who have known the dear home by the Bann

I’d forgotten completely the new porch so stately

With it’s glass roof and pillar so grand

And it’€™s gold (brass) door handle

Rome could ne’er hold a candle

To it’€™s new Michelangelo plan

But its portals wide open and still I am hopin’€™

To see ye back every wan

-In the dear home and have, we call it Ardavon

On the slopes of the pastoral Bann

James McLaughlin                   January 1909

Ardavon, Coleraine

Londonderry, Ireland

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