What’s new with SocialZing 3.0

Currently Businesses around the World are able to manage their Social Profiles on #Facebook (Groups, pages and profiles), #Twitter, #LinkedIn, #Blogger, #Tumblr and #Wordpress, all from our #SocialDeck.

As of September 16th, businesses will now be able to manage their #Instagram and #Google+ from the Social Deck as well!

From the SocialZing toolkit, they can read feeds, respond, interact, and post all from one location. We also include a pre-written content library that can be set on autopilot to those accounts to supplement your posting and save you even more time.

This is just one feature of the Socialzing toolkit, to learn more about the toolkit as a whole, please visit:


Interested in earning some extra cash by direct selling this platform to local businesses in your area? Check out this link


To Your Online Success,

Jim Neal


What direction is your company’s Social Media Strategy taking you?

#DirectSales #SocialMedia #SmallBusiness #SocialMediaManagement


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