I am a husband of a beautiful wife, and father of two wonderful children, the oldest a girl and the younger a boy.  Our family recently relocated back home to Western New York after a ten-year stint in the Raleigh, North Carolina Area.  My wife and I were born and raised in the Western part of New York State, and both attended The State University of New York,  College at Fredonia.

I have held a variety of positions since graduating from Fredonia, including Mortgage Broker, General Manager of a Quick Serve restaurant, and most recently held several positions with The Scotts-Miracle Gro company.

My wife has a disorder called Friedreich’s Ataxia, a form of Muscular Dystrophy.  This disorder causes her to utilize a wheelchair to get around, but has not stopped her yet!  As my wifes disease has progressed, it has left my leaving the home for work more difficult.  It finally reached the point where it made more sense for me to be home to help her and the kids.  By the grace of God, when this time came, I was presented with an opportunity to work from home with a new company, that provides a Social Media Marketing platform to small businesses, network marketers, and non-profit organizations, that do not have the time, budget, or know how to do it themselves.  This company is in Prelaunch currently and the response, so far has greatly exceeded my expectations.

I also run a small ebay store called YourDaddysToystore.com .  Yes, it is for childrens toys.  I get that question a lot.  It is kind of a strange name but it comes from a rather cute story.  I have run this small business for quite awhile and my daughter took on the position of toy tester/toy sorter.  She gets to play with new toys every week and it is amazing the cool things that children can discover about a toy, that adults overlook.  My daughter became very aware of Daddy’s business and it, I hope gave her some early lessons in entreprenuership.  She understood that when we went to auctions or yardsales, we found the toys that we would be selling, we had to research the toy  so we could list it correctly, and we would hopefully sell it for more than we paid, to make a profit.  Daddy’s toystore also helped her learn a lesson or two about respecting her toys and putting them away, because we often used the line, ” Lil, you better put that away before it ends up in Your Daddy’s Toystore”, hence the name, http://www.yourdaddystoystore.com

I will blog about social media opportunities, tips and anything that interests me.  I look forward to connecting with others to share ideas.

Jim Neal








5 thoughts on “About

      • It is a Web-based platform of tools that Small business owners, bloggers, non-profits etc. can use to market themselves via Social Media. Most Small business owners:

        1) Know they have to market on Social Media

        2) Wear many “hats” in their business ie. Cashier, cook, floor sweeper, accountant, and on and on

        3) Do not have the time to add Social Media Manager to the to-do list

        4) May not have the know-how or the time to learn

        5) Do not want the expense of paying a third party to manage it.

        The SocialZing platform offers these tools that makes Social Media Marketing more affordable to them in the aspects of both Time and Money. Here is a List of what the platform contains and how it benefits the business owner:


        Let me know if you have any questions Randy and Thank you for your friendship

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