A Western New York Easter Carol

Sung to the tune of “White Christmas”


I’m Dreaming of the first Snowdrops,

This Winter’s been so long you know.

Where the daffodils are bloomin’

and Winter no longer’s loomin’

I fear, we’ll never see the end of snow

Thanks a lot Mr Snowplow

I’m  dreaming of warmer weather,

My garden I’m longing to sow.

With carrots, beans and parsnips,

and pretty marigolds in a row.

Winter Azaleas

I’m dreaming of a Green Easter,

and all we’re getting now is snow

You may have your Poinsettia

Tulips or lilies would be betta’

Oh, I forgot, I hate to mow!

                                                                                                                      Jim Neal



My Home

This is a Poem written by my Great Great Grandfather, from his home in Coleraine Ireland, in January of 1909. Notice he makes mention of Jimmie and Harry in Yankeeland, Harry was my Great Grandfather.

My Home

Yes, this is my story now put afore ye-

In the light lilting strain called a roun’€™

Of my home on the highland in the dear little island

That slopes to the fast flowing Bann.

With sunlight all rosy, the house is so cozy

And comforts on every han’

I’€™m sure if ye all come, we’€™ll make ye quite welcome

Every colleen and wan of the clan

An’€™ so if ye listen, not one of us is missing

I’€™ll tell ye how matters now stan’€™

Father ill or else scheming, rain regretting vain dreaming

Mother house-keeps as only she can.

Then Eddie’€™s in Kerry and Mary in Bury

An’€™ Jack still in Derry with Dan.

While Jimmie and Harry in Yankeeland tarry

An Frank’s in the bank at Strabane

Young Eileen and Bridie both useful and tidy

Are learning at school the pian’€™

Oh and such hard, hard studies

Lord help them poor bodies

They’€™re doing as well as they can

Then there’s Dick the Canary

Ren the terrier so airy

Oh so cross and contrary €œ”wee man”

This then is the photo, you’€™ll know it when you go to

My home on the Banks of the Bann

Ah! River fast flowing Oh! Life fleetily going

To join an eternity span

May God guard the brothers and sisters and others

Who have known the dear home by the Bann

I’d forgotten completely the new porch so stately

With it’s glass roof and pillar so grand

And it’€™s gold (brass) door handle

Rome could ne’er hold a candle

To it’€™s new Michelangelo plan

But its portals wide open and still I am hopin’€™

To see ye back every wan

-In the dear home and have, we call it Ardavon

On the slopes of the pastoral Bann

James McLaughlin                   January 1909

Ardavon, Coleraine

Londonderry, Ireland


Pot O’ Gold

It was a cool day, late in September.

I traveled down the forested path leading to town

It was dimly lit,

Because the winter cold had not yet frosted the leaves

The foliage blocked the luminance of the sun,

Yet protected me from the autumn drizzle

As I drew near the edge of the forest,

The sun began to creep through the opening.

I entered into the meadow.

As I left the dark woods

I was greeted by the largest, most perfect,

Semi-circle of color, I had ever seen

My thoughts began to wander to you.

The feeling that I had when I saw,

It’€™s perfection, it’€™s beauty, it’€™s color

Was second only, to the bliss that came over me,

The first time I heard you say,

“€œI Love You Jim”

I began to dream of giving you the World.

Thought about what a wonderful life we could have,

If only I could find the riches that lay at the end of that rainbow.

I began to walk

At the end of the meadow,

Over the hill and through the valley,

I never lost sight of that beautiful arch.

I passed deer and squirrels,

Rabbits and birds.

All the treasure that nature bares,

surrounded me

I began to notice, that as I moved closer,

My destination moved further away.

My determination caused me to loose sight,

Of my original purpose for the journey

My  want of those fortunes clouded my reality

Finally, the journey came to an end.

The sun was beginning to set,

The rainbow began to fade.

As I came to a fallen tree,

I sat down,


My Dreams of bringing you that gold,

Had faded with the rainbow.

The riches were gone.

Slowly, I came back to reality,

My thoughts once again returned to you

A smile came over my face,

I thought about,

The color of you hair,

The beauty in your eyes,

The sound of your voice,

The smell of your skin,

And, the perfection in your personality

I was searching for something,

I already had.

With you by my side,

I have the riches of three kings,

All the diamonds of South Africa,

And all of the finest silk from the orient.

I am the richest man in the World.

By having you as my Best Friend,

I have all the World and It’€™s gold

                                                                     James Henry Neal