A large chunk of sales professionals are “road warriors,” always on the go from client to client. In a world where constant connection is the norm, how can you set up your office for grab-and-go portability that works as well on the road as in a home office or cubicle? Here are some ideas: 

  • Get smart(phone) – Whether you’re a loyal iPhone, Android, or Blackberry user, there’s no underemphasizing the benefit of a smartphone when you’re on the go. With one device, you can make calls, send texts and emails, and search the Internet for information (including maps and directions). It’s an invaluable business asset – and the fun apps like Angry Birds are pretty great, too, especially when stuck in an airport security line.
  • Lighten up – Having a good laptop is another essential to conducting business on the go, but when buying, make sure you weigh your options – literally. If you’re going for portability, it’s important to select a machine that’s lightweight. Most brands have good options for light laptops that still pack a punch. If you don’t need heavy-duty programs, a netbook may be the way to go. Otherwise, look into options like the MacBook Air.
  • Just in case – Carting around an office on the go requires a quality carrying case. While most consumers go for shoulder bags, backpacks designed for laptops are also a great option. Whatever you select in terms of style, be sure it will be comfortable and has plenty of nooks and crannies for all the office essentials, from pens and notebooks to power adaptors and cords aplenty.
  • A powerful connection – There are a lot of computer essentials that can be taken for granted while in the office and forgotten on the road. While traveling, be sure to pack an extra power strip. It’s worth its weight in gold when plugging in the multiple devices that have become part of daily life. Also be sure to keep an Ethernet cable on hand for the locales where you can’t get a wireless signal.


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